Our school-based programs differ from our community-based program in two ways – Littles are referred by their schools and Bigs and Littles meet at school.  In most of these programs, mature high school students mentor elementary and middle school students, although adults can also mentor in school.

Bigs  work with Littles to strengthen their sense of belonging to the school, build their self-confidence, and help them understand that academic success is important.  The high school Bigs also benefit; they learn to keep commitments, soft skills (compassion and patience), time management, appropriate dress and behavior, and empowering students to succeed.  Like our community-based program, it’s really about relationships – the Big and Little share who they are and become friends.

We work closely with our schools and our staff are always present when high school Bigs and their Littles are meeting, initiating activities and coaching matches to success.




In a community-based match, adult Bigs and Littles meet wherever they wish at mutually convenient times, doing things they enjoy.

Our community-based Littles are boys and girls ages 6 to 17.  Each child has a different story.  One may have trouble getting along with peers.  Another struggles in school.  Some children just need a companion – to help them learn how to hit a baseball, play soccer, use a computer, cook a meal, complete a school project or make good choices.

And the Bigs?  Our mentors are men and women of all ages and walks of life who desire to make a difference.  We ask you commit, for one year, to spend an hour (or more) each week with a child – to be a good listener and offer encouragement and support while engaging in activities you both enjoy.